The Spirituality Of Gay Travel

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If you’ve ever traveled in a group or with a tour group, then you know how the dynamics of the group can impact the entire travel experience. Although there are many other considerations, such as time, money, and itineraries, that go into the making of a good travel experience, it’s who you travel with that can have the greatest impact.

Travel companies that focus on gay travel are well aware of this and strive to provide the best travel experiences for our queer communities. The very best attempts also provide opportunity for spiritual growth and a greater sense of self awareness.

travelspirit-goingnowherequeerlyWith the assumption that people of like intention can glean more from a travel experience, some companies put together itineraries that allow members of the gay community to share the experience of spiritual growth while coming in contact with places with mystical qualities and natural beauty. In this sense, gay travel can be infinitely more meaningful and memorable. Without the strain of being grouped with non-gays, an atmosphere of acceptance and understanding is created, thus providing a greater opportunity to learn and share. With spiritual growth as the main goal of a trip, the sites and activities become more than something to gawk at, but something to experience.

There are many advantages and benefits to this type of experience. A major draw of this type of gay travel are the facilitators. Instead of providing you with mere tour guides who are there to explain what you are seeing, facilitators are there to help you personally experience the mystical aspect and beauty of the ancient sites. While they are not there to tell you how or what to feel, they are a great encouragement and can actually enhance your spiritual journey. If there are skills required such as yoga meditation, the facilitator will gently guide you in this area. They are there to also help you have fun.

Visiting sites of ancient civilizations, experiencing the mystical qualities found there, the wealth of information provided by the facilitators, and the sought after enlightenment that many experience, all make this type of gay travel not only extraordinary and life changing. For this reason, this type of travel can be called a pilgrimage. Pilgrimages are not trips that anyone takes every year. However, in days gone by, that has been the case for some cultures. More importantly, pilgrimages for the gay community are very necessary for spiritual growth and happiness. So… When do you leave on your first Gay Pilgrimage?