Sexy Fire And Ice

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If you’re looking for something different for your next holiday stay in Cape Town, Protea Hotels’ Fire and Ice is definitely it.

They’ll have you climbing the walls … no, really, there’s a 5 storey climbing wall on the outside of the building. Hang around in the reception area (literally) … they have a hanging chair for those who really like to “hang around”.

Swim around their restaurant … the glass walls between the restaurant and pool, along with the fantastic lighting, definitely draw a lot of interest.

Whatever your heart desires, you’ll find it here or they’ll find it for you. Protea Hotel Fire & Ice offers you a place to chill, a base from which to explore and a friendly place to call home at the end of each day.

Protea Hotel Fire & Ice is situated on the base of Table Mountain. For those who prefer to take in the amazing views from the top of Table Mountain without expending too much energy, the Cable Car Station is literally 3km away from the hotel entrance.fireice-goingnowherequeerly

Then, there’s the V&A Waterfront, a desired location for both the locals and foreigners. Let’s not go into too much detail about the V&A Waterfront now – EVERYBODY knows it, right?

Of course, distance from the airport is also one of those things that can make or break a location. Too far from the airport and people worry about missing flights, etc. Too near to the airport, people need earplugs. Well, don’t worry about either … Protea Hotel Fire & Ice is 25km from the airport, not too close, but plenty close enough.

The location also brings the nightlife to you. The staff are all in the know, so you can put them to the test and let them name the best nightspot for you.

Each of the 130 bedrooms has:

* A King Size bed or two single beds
* A large Executive Desk with international electrical points and wireless internet connections
* An LCD flat screen television
* Tea/Coffee facilities
* Air conditioning
* Telephone (you expected that one, didn’t you?)

280909travelfire02For those who really like to get into detail, 98 of the rooms are doubles (the ones with those King Size beds) and 32 are twins (not the fraternal kind, the ones with two single beds).

The Fire and Ice even have a private sound room. Now here is a room you don’t want to share with the whole world and his father. The Private Sound Room, as its name implies can be hired out privately for your listening pleasure. Get together a group of mates and get blown away by the quality of the Bose Surround Sound speakers situated around the room to give maximum effect. The Sony LCD screen brings your viewing to life, whether it be a wildlife movie, music video or your own private holiday videos. And, because we never grow up, they have the latest in gaming technology for us with the new X-Box 360.

Another fab outside area is A Cup (yeah, we know what you’re thinking, but that’s not it). They believe in telling it like it is and this structure really looked like a cup, so that’s what they called it. A Cup is another “not so public” public space. This area consists of sunken seating surrounded by the round walls of the tea cup, where you can hide from the world and share some poolside drinks with friends or people you’d like to make your friends.

To get you climbing the walls, you don’t have to be angry at all. They just give you some rope and other equipment and send you around to the outside of the building, where you’ll find a 5-storey climbing wall, which is sure to provide hours of fun to climbers and spectators alike. This needs to be booked in advance.