Readers regularly use Going Nowhere Queerly as a source for useful, interesting and inspirational travel information. we are able to customise most advertising requirements that you have, many of our brands have successfully run their branding campaigns with us.

We promote the following:

  • GAY TRAVEL — As gay travelers GNQ reporters provide a unique and highly targeted perspective on queer travel in foreign countries and cities.
  • HOTEL and ACCOMMODATION — With a section devoted entirely to hotel and other accommodation, GNQ reporter will provide honest feedback to readers on the most interesting places of where to stay around the world.

The following are suggested ways of working together:

      • Press and social media trips commensurate with the travel themes of the website
      • Contests, giveaways and featured articles about select products and services
      • Sponsorship of a particular Page — request more information via email

Other sponsorships targeted for specific events, festivals and promotions

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