Elgin Grabouw

Doing it in the Elgin Grabouw Valley

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People want genuine, soul-satisfying experiences. The world as we once knew it has shifted. Travel, as we once understood it, has evolved. With a plethora of wine areas in South Africa, many of which offer superb food and entertainment, it is the hidden jewels and heart-warming experiences that people seek. We guarantee that the Elgin Grabouw Valley will provide you with authentic experiences and wide-open areas, and that you will leave feeling invigorated.

You have entered the Cape Floral Kingdom.

Sir Lowry’s Pass, less than an hour’s drive from Cape Town International Airport, snakes through the Hottentots-Holland highlands and into the Kogelberg Reserve, recognized as the world’s most diversified biosphere. It’s like escaping into a new universe as your automobile descends over the mountain and breaks through the layer of morning mist that regularly caresses this particular scenery. You’re in the heart of the Cape Floral Kingdom, with the Kogelberg and Groenland Mountains forming an amphitheatre that welcomes the natural experience that your travel-heart craves.

There are Orchards, Vineyards, and Undulating Countryside.

It’s hard to realize that this valley was mostly cut off before roads were developed. The ancient ox cart route is still visible in the mountainside. Today, Elgin is one of the leading exporters of deciduous fruit, and the outstanding quality of cool climate wines has caught the globe by storm, despite its tiny size in contrast to other wine regions.

Large apple and pear orchards zoom by, with wineries adorning the undulating hillsides. The unusual farm gate leads up to lovely, inconspicuous dwellings that add to the pastoral appeal of the region. Other gates indicate excellent wine properties just waiting to be discovered.

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