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Doing it in Scotland in Winter

Doing it in Scotland in Winter

We believe that Scotland is a fantastic holiday destination at any time of year, but we want to encourage you to visit Scotland during the winter months in this article. We are confident that you will have a fantastic time. In Scotland, we firmly believe that Scotland is the ideal year-round vacation destination. We explain why visiting during the winter is worthwhile.

If you want to spend your winter vacation sunbathing and staying warm, Scotland is not the place for you. However, if that is the type of vacation you seek, it is unlikely to be available during the summer.

If you want to spend a few days sight-seeing, visiting ancient castles, and admiring the scenery, we believe Scotland is a must-see.

The Weather in Scotland

Unlike many other countries, our temperature does not change significantly from summer to winter. Yes, we have warm sunny days in the summer that can reach around 25 degrees Celsius and freezing cold, snowy days in the winter that can reach as low as -2 degrees Celsius. Northern Scotland’s mountains and glens will have colder temperatures. The truth is that snow does not fall in the lowlands every year, so you must travel to the Scottish Highlands to find it. According to weather statistics, the average temperature in Edinburgh in January is 7°C and 19°C in July. This means that if you visit Scotland in the winter, you will need to dress warmly. If you intend to spend time outdoors in the Scottish Highlands, a hat and gloves are recommended, but you do not need to dress for an arctic expedition. Indeed, if you live in a warm country and visit in the summer, you will most likely need a jumper and a light jacket for the cooler days.

Winter Touring in Scotland

Throughout the winter, the Hairy Coo offers a variety of fun coach tours of Scotland. The tours are the same as in the summer, except that when you visit Stirling Castle, the Quiraing on Skye, and participate in a whisky tasting, it will be a little quieter. This means that you can take great photos without obscuring the view. If you’re lucky and it’s been snowing in the mountains, you might get some breathtaking views of blue skies and snow-capped mountains. We can never predict what the weather will be like in Scotland at any time of year, so as long as you are prepared, you should have a good time.

Another significant advantage of winter touring is the absence of midges. Midges are small, fly-like insects that bite but are not dangerous. They are extremely irritating and are frequently found in the north and west of Scotland during the summer months. They prefer days that are still, warm, and damp. So you’ll be able to enjoy Skye’s delights without being bothered by midges or thousands of other tourists during the winter.

In Scotland, summer means long days and very short nights. This means that during winter tours, you will leave and return to Edinburgh in the dark. This isn’t all bad news because you might get to see a beautiful sunrise and sunset.

The Coo’s Hair

All of the Scottish tour guides at The Hairy Coo adore Scotland, regardless of the weather or season. They will be delighted to welcome you on one of their Scotland tours at any time of year and will do everything in their power to ensure you leave our small country wanting to return.

We recommend leaving time before or after your tour of the Scottish Highlands to wander the old town, visit Edinburgh Castle, and enjoy some time in our restaurants and bars because Edinburgh is also a great city to visit in the winter.

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