Doing It In Prague

Doing It In Prague

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With its romantic castle, the bridges along the Vltava river and the romantic streets in the Old Town, Prague had always been an attractive destination for more romantic queer travellers. But after the Velvet Revolution of 1989 it became one of the most visited and talked about cities in Europe. Partly because it was cheaper than traditional, overrated destinations, but mostly because of its special charm from past centuries.

This charm didn’t get lost during World War II and the communist period thereafter and it had been exposed to the modernisation of the 1950s and 1960s far less than in many other European cities. Many buildings, though, were in bad shape and needed restoration. In 1992, the UNESCO included the historic center of Prague in its list of World Heritage Sites, which is now almost perfectly restored.

Nevertheless, as amazing, unique and fairytale-like Prague might be, the city does not only rely exclusively on its old-world charm.

There is no gay epicentre in Prague. But the Vinohrady district have become the hedonistic and stylish quarter of Prague. Most of the city’s gay bars and clubs are there. Also, if you are tired of the uninspired and heavy Czech cuisine and the gastronomical tourist’s traps in the Old Town of Prague, Vinohrady is the district to go for fabulous dining out.