Going Nowhere Queerly

Little Switzerland

Doing it in Little Switzerland at the foot of the Drakensberg

With a name like Little Switzerland, you can expect to find more than enough charm at this affordable family-friendly resort at the foot of the Northern Drakensberg.

The resort has a long history, beginning as a tea garden and evolving into quaint Alpine chalets. Hotel rooms with breathtaking views of what appears to be the pinnacle of the South African landscape.

Little Switzerland is truly unique, from the beautifully manicured grounds to the main building, which features authentic thatched roofing and local wood framings and furnishings, each with their own story. You’ll be greeted warmly and enchanted by idyllic views of the Drakensberg mountains, which can be cloudy, snowy, misty, or crisp and clear.

Enjoy our hearty buffet carveries, crackling log fires, and perhaps some pampering at our spa in peaceful silence away from traffic and meetings. This affordable family accommodation offers relaxation and comfort, as well as a variety of outdoor activities for both kids and adults to round out your stay and ensure your return.

The iconic mountain peaks, known locally as “the Berg,” offer everything from serious hiking and hairpin drives to gentle strolls through forested glades and even a touch of culture – over 6000 San paintings are secretly exhibited among its craggy rocks. You’ll be right in the middle of it all at Little Switzerland. If you venture out nearby, you’ll find the Royal Natal National Park, an addictively beautiful place far from the well-trodden tourist paths where you can climb, bike, ride horses, fish, and spot birds and wildlife to your heart’s content.

The Little Switzerland staff are extremely helpful and always on hand to point out trails and must-see sights, and if you decide to continue on your journey towards Durban, you’ll come across the rolling KwaZulu-Natal Midlands.


Address:Little Switzerland Resort | R74 by Oliviershoek Pass | Bergville | KwaZulu-Natal

Telephone:Resort: +27 (0)36 438 2500
Central Reservations: +27 (0)861 010 347


GPS:28.34°.47sec S 29.03°.01sec E

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Going Nowhere Queerly
Going Nowhere Queerly