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Doing it in Scotland in Winter

Doing it in Scotland in Winter

We believe that Scotland is a fantastic holiday destination at any time of year, but we want to encourage you to visit Scotland during the winter months in this article. We are confident that you will have a fantastic time.

The Maldives is building the world's first floating city.

The Maldives is building the world’s first floating city.

Maldives Floating City is the beginning of a new era in which Maldivians return to the water with resilient eco-friendly floating projects. The Maldives has long been the picture-perfect paradise holiday destination, and this was especially true during the pandemic.

New Year's Eve cruise on Sydney Harbour

Doing it on a New Year’s Eve cruise

in Sydney Harbour. The last day of the year is New Year’s Eve, which is the night before New Year’s Day. On New Year’s Eve, almost everyone in the country goes to a party. “New Year’s Eve” is the name

Gay Ex-pat in Amsterdam?

Spring has arrived, and now is an excellent time to share a few details in the Gay Expats in Amsterdam group on Facebook! In Amsterdam, there are many people coming and going who are looking for and offering rooms and

La Montagne

What does rethinking tourism look like in practise?

In 2022, four travel trends will have shaped the hospitality industry. This year’s World Tourism Day (WTD) theme is ‘Rethinking Tourism,’ and it encourages the industry to re-imagine hospitality and what it means today. It takes place on September 27.

Going Nowhere Queerly
Going Nowhere Queerly