Argentine Tango Weeks

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South-west Turkey may not be the first place that springs to mind for learning how to dance the Argentine Tango, but thanks to our acquaintance with Eray Çavdarli, this is an experience that we are delighted to be able to offer to Mandarin and Mango Boutique Hotel guests. We were introduced to Eray by a mutual friend, and were immediately taken by his infectious enthusiasm for all forms of music and dance.

Having been raised and educated in Vienna, one might have expected Eray to be devoted to the Waltz, but his true passion lies with the Latin dances, and especially the Argentine Tango. Eray has managed to combine a career as a gastronomy consultant with teaching Tango and Salsa at various levels at schools, universities and to private clients, and he is excited to be able to share his passion for the Tango with small groups of holiday-makers in the unique setting of Mandarin and Mango Boutique Hotel.

Our special Tango Weeks are designed to develop both the technical skills of participants and their understanding of the cultural and spiritual foundations of the dance, and of course to just enjoy the music and movement. Over the course of the week, there will be five workshops, held in the mornings from 09:30 to 11:00 in order to leave plenty of time to enjoy the hotel’s facilities and peaceful surroundings, to relax by the pool or explore some of the nearby attractions. The workshops will take place in the new studio space situated next door to Mango. In addition, there will be three Tango evenings where participants can practice their new skills and enjoy the music and ambiance during and after dinner. The price of the holiday is just €175 per person on top of the cost of your stay.

Please contact us for availability and to reserve your place. (29 August – 5 September 2016)

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Arrival day. Informal welcome dinner to get to know your hosts and fellow travellers.
Morning workshop: the history and the spiritual meaning of Argentine tango – balance, posture, swinging with basic steps.
Morning workshop: the meaning of leading and following during the partnership in tango, and walking with basic steps with partner. Milonga (tango night) during and after dinner.
Morning workshop: combinations with basic steps with partner.
Day at leisure. Milonga (tango night) during and after dinner.
Morning workshop: easy forms with basic steps and rotations, combinations.
Morning workshop: creativity with free movements and musicality. Milonga (tango night) during and after dinner.
Departure day.